Emergency treatment measures for safety accidents in gas boilers

2019 / Jun / Mon
Due to the mistakes of the furnace workers or other reasons, the gas boilers will cause sudden safety accidents. At this time, we must make corresponding emergency measures to minimize the damage. The following are the four boiler accidents and treatment measures listed in the FANGKUAI Boiler. You can understand and learn.
Accident 1: The water level glass tube bursts or a false water level appears, and the cock leaks.
Treatment measures: temporarily stop the boiler operation, close the water pipe valve, replace the glass tube or cock, add or replace the packing, tighten the gland; flush the connecting pipe and strengthen the sewage.
Incident 2: The pressure gauge failed.
Remedy: Stop boiler operation, close the meter control valve, and replace the pressure gauge or cock. Clean or purge the pressure gauge channel and adjust the pointer to the correct position.
Accident 3: The safety valve fails, the steam leaks, the overpressure does not open or the rated pressure is not open, and the spool does not return to the seat after the steam is exhausted.
Treatment measures: stop the boiler operation and close the safety valve. Blow or replace the safety valve verified by the urban quality inspection department.
Incident 4: Boiler explosion caused by overpressure, overheating, corrosion and cracks.
Treatment measures: When an accident occurs, immediately stop the boiler operation and cut off the power supply of the operating equipment such as blowers and induced draft fans. Do your best to reduce the loss of boiler equipment and avoid injury to personnel.