How to choose a heating boiler?

2021 / Aug / Fri
Winter heating is an important project of people's livelihood in China, which is related to the fundamental interests of the people and the harmony and stability of society. When selecting a heating boiler, it is necessary to select a suitable boiler equipment in combination with the height of the heating building, the heating method, the heating area, and whether it is an energy-saving building.


1. Building height
       Generally speaking, when the floor is higher than 18 stories (height > 50 m), considering the high-pressure capacity, hydraulic balance and heating efficiency, the heating system should be vertically partitioned and high-low zone heating should be implemented. Measures. In principle, it should be determined according to the materials used in the building, equipment performance, maintenance and management conditions, combined with the number of building layers and the water pressure of the outdoor water supply network. If the partition pressure is too high, not only the water output is too large, but also the water hammer is easily generated when the valve is opened and closed. It is the noise and vibration of the network management, and even damage, which increases the workload of maintenance and reduces the service life of the pipe network.

2. Heating area
       When heating a building, the heating area is also one of the issues to be considered. The size of the heating area directly affects the choice of boiler capacity. For the heating area, FANGKUAI boiler technicians summed up the relationship between the heating boiler volume and the heating area.
       Because the boiler produced by Fangkuan has a relatively high combustion efficiency, it can basically reach 10,000 square meters of factory buildings or residential area can be heated by 1 ton boiler, in other words: 10,000 square meters of heating area 1 ton of heating boilers, 20,000 square meters of heating area using 2 tons of heating boilers, can be analogized by this.

3. Heating method
       Nowadays, the most popular heating methods are: air conditioning heating, heat sink (radiator) heating and floor heating. Each of the three methods has its own characteristics. From the boiler equipment that supplies heat, the temperature difference caused by these three heating methods is an important consideration.
       Generally speaking, at the source, the heat sink has an out/inlet temperature of 80/60 ° C, which is a large temperature difference; the air/floor temperature of the air conditioner and the floor heating is 60/50 ° C, which is a small temperature difference.

Temperature difference control has always been one of the problems that the boiler has to solve. Excessive temperature fluctuations will cause huge useless loss of energy, which is not conducive to the development of heating energy-saving system. In general, the amount of circulating water in boiler auxiliary equipment is the cause of large temperature difference and small temperature difference. Through the operation of the circulating water pump, the control of the circulating water volume can be realized to meet the temperature difference requirements required for different heating modes.