What are the recommended products for a 10 ton gas boiler?

2021 / Aug / Tue

According to the research experience of boilers for many years, the 10 steam ton gas boiler has a very large market application. According to the use, it can be divided into 10 steam tons of gas steam boilers and 10 steam tons of gas hot water boilers. Most of the industrial fields use steam boilers, which are mainly used for heating and hot water supply.

FANGKUAI Boiler now has two types of 10 steam ton gas boilers.

1. Horizontal internal combustion chamber combustion (referred to as WNS) 10 steam ton gas boiler
       The WNS gas boiler adopts advanced condensing technology to make full use of flue gas waste heat, and the thermal efficiency can exceed 100%. At the same time, advanced technology such as full premixing and FGR flue gas recirculation is used to treat NOx by reducing NOx from different parts. Emissions, custom-made low-nitrogen boilers with NOx <30mg/m3.

2. Double drum vertical chamber combustion (referred to as SZS) 10 steam pipe water gas boiler
       The SZS water pipe gas boiler drum is arranged in a "D" shape, the structure is compact and reasonable, and the main components such as the drum are not directly irradiated and washed by the high temperature flame, and the safety reference is higher. The FGR flue gas recirculation technology makes NOx less than 30mg/m3, which is an excellent choice for large industrial enterprises.

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