Indonesia 4 tons Euromonitor series gas steam boiler project for paper mill

Indonesia 4 tons Euromonitor series gas steam boiler project for paper mill

Use Fuel: Natural gas

Rated Evaporation: 4t/h

Product Name: Indonesia 4 tons Euromonitor series gas steam boiler project for paper mill

Product Model: Euromonitorθ-4

Application Areas: paper industry

Project Place: Indonesia



After the boiler equipment provided by Fangkuai Boiler has been put into operation, it has reduced production energy consumption and pollution emissions for our enterprise; it has also provided a stable steam heat source for our production line, which guarantees the quality and output of corrugated paper products. .

Project proposals

There is a strong demand for steam in the processing of paper mills, and the production processes such as pre-adjusting corrugated base paper, forming, gluing and bonding are inseparable from steam. It can be said that steam boilers are one of the key equipment of corrugated paper production enterprises. With the development of the industry, the paper mill is facing increasingly fierce market competition and stricter national environmental protection policies, and the boiler equipment used by the enterprise is also facing an update. After the technical engineer of Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler customized the boiler design plan for it, the company purchased a gas-fired steam boiler with an output of 4 tons, which can fully meet the needs of the production line.

Product advantages

The company is well aware of the importance of the stable heat output of steam boilers for the quality of corrugated paper products, and is very cautious in choosing boilers. Zhengzhou Fangkuai Boiler's Euromonitor series gas-fired steam boilers start very quickly. It only takes 5 minutes to generate high-temperature steam, and there is no limit to frequent start and stop. After testing, it is shown that the quality of steam output by the boiler can reach the first level, which can fully meet the production needs of corrugated paper. In addition, the fully automatic operation of the boiler can realize unattended operation and fully reduce the labor cost.


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