4 ton gas steam boiler project for Myanmar feed factory

4 ton gas steam boiler project for Myanmar feed factory

Use Fuel: Natural gas

Rated Evaporation: 4t/h

Product Name: 4 ton gas steam boiler project for Myanmar feed factory

Product Model: WNS4-1.25-Y.Q

Application Areas: Feed industry

Project Place: Myanmar



After half a year of use, the gas-fired steam boiler has performed very well, not only in stable operation, but also in sufficient fuel combustion, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the intelligent operation mode also makes us more worry-free and more assured.

Project proposals

The cooperation with Fangkuai Boiler is a feed factory located in Myanmar. In the process of feed production, the raw materials need to be heated and pretreated to make them mature, so that they can be more easily digested and absorbed by animals in the later stage. As one of the indispensable equipments of the feed factory, the steam boiler can be said to be very comprehensive when purchasing boilers. After inspecting many boiler manufacturers in the market, the company decided to cooperate with Fangkuai Boiler to provide it with a gas-fired steam boiler (WNS4-1.25-Y.Q) with an output of 4 tons/hour.

Product advantages

This series of gas-fired steam boilers have a high-sensitivity scale detection system, which dynamically monitors the scale accumulation inside the boiler in real time. Once the situation that causes harm to the efficiency and performance of the boiler is reached, the alarm device will be activated immediately to remind the user to deal with the scale in time. , to avoid the reduction of thermal efficiency of the boiler or other critical situations. At the same time, the variable frequency water supply system can realize dynamic changes, and automatically judge whether the boiler is in a state that needs water replenishment according to the actual operation requirements of the boiler; and can automatically adjust the water supply amount when replenishing water, realize the dynamic balance of the boiler, and avoid the waste of resources.


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