Electric hot water boiler for heating in Nelia district

Electric hot water boiler for heating in Nelia district

Use Fuel: Electricity

Rated Evaporation: 0.35MW

Product Name: Hot water boiler

Product Model: CWDR0.35-95/70

Application Areas: Heating industry

Project Place: Nelia



The electric hot water boiler provided by Fangkuai this time is very convenient to use. After running to the site, it only needs to build the circuit pipeline and connect it to power on. The installation period is very short, which solves the heating problem of the households before the heating season. After the boiler has been put into use, it has maintained a stable operation state, which saves us a lot of labor costs.

Project proposals

The company that cooperated with Fangkuai Boiler this time is a residential building in Nelia, which was completed in 2019 and has heating systems such as floor heating. In 2020, the residential building will welcome residents and urgently need to purchase a hot water boiler for heating in winter. Fangkuai Boiler customized an atmospheric pressure hot water boiler (CWDR0.35-95/70) with an output of 350KW for the residential building after an all-round investigation and calculation, and was responsible for the transportation and installation of the boiler.

Product advantages

This series of atmospheric pressure hot water boilers are mainly composed of boilers, electric control boxes and control systems. The main features are environmental protection, cleanliness, pollution-free, noise-free and fully automatic operation. With the reduction of limited energy and the substantial increase in prices, electric hot water boilers have been recognized and affirmed by everyone as a new boiler equipment. Electric heating tube is the core component of electric boiler, Fangkuai chooses direct heating electric heating tube, which is not only more convenient to replace and maintain, but also has low surface load, effectively prolonging the service life of boiler.


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