India 26.7 ton condensing gas steam boilers

India 26.7 ton condensing gas steam boilers

Use Fuel: liquefied petroleum gas

Rated Evaporation: 26.7t/h

Product Name: Gas(oil) Fired Integrated Steam Boiler

Product Model: WNS26.7-1.0-Y.Q (3 sets)

Application Areas: Building materials

Project Place: India



The three boilers provided by FANGKUAI Boiler have provided strong kinetic energy protection for our building materials production after being put into practical use. Moreover, the efficient operation of the boiler also saves us a lot of fuel costs.

Project proposals

In mid-2018, FANGKUAI Boiler contacted a local construction company in India. After further communication, we learned that the company needs to use a steam boiler to generate a large amount of steam to promote the normal operation of the building material mixing station. The technical engineers of FANGKUAI Boiler have customized 3 sets of WNS series gas fired steam boilers with a power output of 26.7 tons (WNS26.7-1.0-Y.Q) through accurate calculation based on the company's annual production volume and actual production demand.

Product advantages

This type of gas-fired steam boiler adopts the integrated design concept of waste heat utilization, fully recovers a large amount of latent heat released by the flue gas, and increases the boiler thermal efficiency to 98%, which can greatly reduce the investment in the boiler system and reduce the operating cost of the boiler. Moreover, the boiler can be under full-automatic operation, just through the button operation on the operation screen, you can complete a variety of adjustment modes such as boiler start-stop, parameter adjustment, and warning display.


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