Sudan 4 ton condensing oil steam boiler

Sudan 4 ton condensing oil steam boiler

Use Fuel: Diesel

Rated Evaporation: 4t/h

Product Name: Gas(oil) Fired Integrated Steam Boiler

Product Model: WNS4-1.25-Y.Q

Application Areas: Mineral fertilizer production

Project Place: Sudan



We visited and inspected the manufacturing plant of FANGKUAI Boiler in person, and their modern large-scale professional production line left us a deep impression. More than 95% of the boiler manufacturing process has achieved precise CNC operations, which allows us to safely hand over the boiler project to such a company. It turns out that our choice is correct. FANGKUAI boiler not only completed delivery within the agreed time, but also provided complete after-sales service.

Project proposals

Boiler is an important energy equipment in chemical production, providing a large amount of thermal energy for chemical processes such as polymerization, drying and dehydration. The company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is located in Sudan in northern Africa and is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of mineral fertilizers and chemical reagents. As the company's production capacity continues to expand, the original boiler equipment can not meet the company's actual production needs. After testing, the technicians of FANGKUAI Boiler customized a WNS series steam boiler system solution (WNS4-1.25-YQ) for the company. Considering that Sudan's local oil resources are abundant, under our proposal, the company chose to use diesel with higher calorific value as boiler fuel.

Product advantages

The steam boiler of the WNS series is a horizontal structure, and the economizer and the condenser are located at the top of the boiler, which greatly saves the overall footprint of the boiler and reduces the capital cost of the boiler house. The boiler furnace has a large volume, and the fuel can be fully expanded and the thermal efficiency exceeds 98%. At the same time, the boiler also has more than 10 monitoring devices to dynamically monitor the operating status of the boiler.


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