Russia 0.5 ton vertical steam boiler

Russia 0.5 ton vertical steam boiler

Use Fuel: Natural gas

Rated Evaporation: 0.5t/h

Product Name: Gas (oil) Fired Vertical Steam Boiler

Product Model: LHS0.5-0.4-Y.Q

Application Areas: Food processing

Project Place: Russia



The technical team of FANGKUAI Boiler is very strong. Through many telephone and mail communication, they customized the most suitable boiler model for us, and the after-sales service of FANGKUAI Boiler is very powerful, providing us with free training guidance and letting our workers can better control the boiler.

Project proposals

The company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is a meat canning factory in Russia that supplies military cans mainly for military units and has strict standards for food safety and hygiene. The company needed a boiler plant that could produce high-quality steam for disinfection and sterilization during canning. To this end, FANGKUAI Boiler has customized a vertical gas steam boiler (LHS0.5-0.4-Y.Q) with a capacity of 0.5 ton. The boiler can guarantee continuous and stable output of high quality steam.

Product advantages

This series of boilers make full use of the different thermal energy in different stages of the fuel, and use the cascade heat of flue gas heat to fully combine the latent heat of flue gas with sensible heat. The thermal efficiency of the boiler can reach more than 95%. At the same time, the boiler is equipped with an automatic sewage device to monitor the feed water concentration in real time, ensuring that good quality steam can be output.


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