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FANGKUAI is founded in 1998, which is a clean fuel boiler enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales and service. In the past 20 years of development and innovation, the company has grown into a global enterprise, and its products have been exported to more than 80 countries including Russia, Mongolia and Thailand, and have established long-lasting cooperative relations with local enterprises.

Civil Heating Boiler

Civil Heating Boiler is a kind of equipment that meets people's winter life needs. The heating boiler equipment manufactured by FANGKUAI Boiler is mainly used for central heating in areas with high traffic flow, providing warm and comfortable people through radiators, air conditioners and floor heating. living environment.

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Industrial Heating Boiler

Industrial Heating Boiler is mainly used to provide boilers and equipment for hospitals, processing plants and other industries to meet the heat required for industrial production. The high-temperature hot water or steam generated by boiler operation is transported to the corresponding industries through centralized, joint, and zone-based methods. In the application.

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How can I choose the right boiler power ?

There is a relationship between heating area and boiler power:

  • 1 t/h Steam Boiler
  • 0.7 MW Hot Water Boiler
  • 10,000㎡ Heating Area

For example, if the project area is 200,000 square meters, you need a 20-ton steam boiler or a 14-megawatt hot water boiler.
However, if you want to accurately calculate the heating area of the boiler, you need to consider other factors, such as the height of the house, the insulation, the material of the boiler, and so on.

Your heating area ㎡, the required boiler power is MW

Which industries need heating boiler?

When the cold season is approaching, when you choose a heating boiler, you should consider the actual situation of the heating project, such as the height of the building, the heating method, the heating area, and whether it is an energy-saving building, etc., and then pass the thermodynamic formula. Calculate the boiler tonnage required by the heating unit.

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In order to maintain the constant temperature environment of the greenhouse, heating boiler equipment is needed as a heat source, and the heat energy that meets the appropriate temperature is continuously delivered to the greenhouse. This requires the boiler to have a stable output capability to maintain a long-term constant temperature state.

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Common livestock such as chickens, ducks, and geese need to maintain a constant temperature environment during hatching and cultivating cubs. Seafoods such as shrimps and crabs also have very high requirements for the temperature of food and living environment. Therefore, aquaculture companies need to use a heating boiler for temperature maintenance and livestock diet.

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The completion of a batch of building materials needs to go through several processes. The requirements for temperature and pressure are very high. Once there is a change, it is easy to cause damage to large-scale building materials.Therefore, when selecting the heating boiler in the building materials industry, we must pay attention to whether the boiler can achieve a long-term, stable output heat source.

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The pharmaceutical industry is an important area related to human health and has high environmental and health requirements. When selecting a heating boiler, whether the environmental sanitation is up to standard and whether the steam/hot water quality is excellent should be considered; compared with coal-fired boilers, the fuel gas-fired boiler has more efficient and low-discharge characteristics, which is favored by the pharmaceutical industry.

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In the textile processing process, dyeing, drying, tableting, sizing and other processes are inseparable from the help of steam, and naturally, the heating boiler is indispensable.
The heating boiler can be used as a power to promote the smooth processing of textile processing; it can also transport high-temperature steam/hot water through pipelines and participate in textile processing.

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FANGKUAI heating boiler cases

  • Thailand 2 ton integrated condensing gas steam boiler

    The customer who cooperated with FANGKUAI Boiler is a food processing factory located in Thailand. As an indispensable part of the industrial chain, steam boiler is mainly used in the process of distillation, extraction, disinfection and drying in food processing

  • Kazakhstan 0.2 ton electric heating steam boilers

    Kazakhstan 0.2 ton electric heating steam boilers

    The company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is a petroleum equipment manufacturing enterprise located in Kazakhstan. In the equipment manufacturing process, steam is needed to provide kinetic energy for various processes.

  • Russia 0.5 ton electric heating steam boilers

    Russia 0.5 ton electric heating steam boilers

    The company that cooperates with FANGKUAI Boiler is located in Russia and is an important enterprise involved in Russian security and national economy.

  • Sudan 4 ton condensing oil steam boiler

    Sudan 4 ton condensing oil steam boiler

    FANGKUAI Boiler is located in Sudan in northern Africa and is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of mineral fertilizers and chemical reagents.

Service Commitment

Service Commitment

At present, FANGKUAI has more than 100 patented technologies, including ultra speed cooling tubes, automatic sewage discharge, scale detection, PLC automatic control system, corrugated furnace, enamel liner.

FANGKUAI heating boiler FAQ

  • Does an atmospheric boiler require annual inspection?

    Mr.Li FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Atmospheric pressure boilers are not included in the scope of special equipment. They are exempt from inspection boilers and do not require annual inspection.

  • Can an atmospheric boiler be used as a pressure boiler?

    Mr.Wang FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Never. There is a big difference between the two boilers in terms of structure and design. If the atmospheric pressure boiler is under pressure, the boiler is likely to have a dangerous accident.

  • Can an atmospheric hot water boiler be changed to a steam boiler?

    Mr.Zhang FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    No. The steam boiler is under pressure, and the atmospheric hot water boiler itself does not have pressure. If the user changes it at will, the boiler will be subjected to a large operational risk.

  • Will the atmospheric boiler explode?

    Mr.Han FANGKUAI Technical Engineer

    Under normal circumstances, atmospheric boilers will not explode, because the boiler operates at normal pressure, the safety index is very high; but it is still necessary to operate the boiler in strict accordance with the specifications.


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